How the Food Bank works

A family breakdown, illness, unemployment or disability could happen to any of us. Working in our Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding villages the Food Bank helps those in crisis in our community by providing emergency food to those in need.

Food banks rely on goodwill and support.  Over 90% of the food we distribute is given to us by the public – this is why donations are so vital.

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Donations of Food

People in our community kindly donate to us non-perishable,  in-date food through a variety of collection points – including local supermarkets, churches, schools, personal donations. We also receive generous donations of food from local businesses. We store the food carefully and then it is sorted into emergency food parcels by volunteers. These parcels are then given to those in need at our centre.


Food vouchers


Local professionals such as social workers and health visitors, will identify people in crisis. They will provide them with a Food Bank voucher. This allows people to receive a Food Bank parcel of three days’ nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food from us. If it is an entire family involved, the parcel will be bigger.

More than just food

The Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank helps alleviate people from poverty by providing extra support to help individual and families resolve the crises they face. We rely on the support of our local community and we are most grateful for the many donations of food and money that is given to us – we hope that one day our services will no longer be needed.